In Memory of Becky Sue - Jan. 2, 89 to Jan. 17, 03
A Tribute To All My Pets
Becky Sue
A Tribute To All My Pets

Well, what can I say.  It has been a long journey with all my pets.  I got my first Old English Sheepdog, Frosty in December of 1977.  Then I got Daisy in August of 1979.  They were so much fun.  But guess what??  They surprised me with a new little puppy for Christmas.  I did not even know that Daisy was pregnant with Frosty's baby.   On Dec. 3, 1980, Daisy gave birth to Spanky the newest addition to our family.  That was the only puppy she gave birth to.  So needless to say, we kept him.  We were so so happy.  If you look on this page, you will see their family picture of the three of them sitting on the couch.  They all were so much fun. 
 But unexpectedly, on April 3, 1981, at only 4 months old, we lost the baby Spanky.   Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and died overnight at the hospital.   I was devastated.  My baby was gone.  It tore me apart for months.  I just couldn't  get it off my mind.  I blamed myself.  He had gotten out of the car when my friends were getting in.  I never noticed.  I still feel awful.  I will never forget it.
Then, my husband decided to get another dog.  Not to take Spanky's place, cause no animal could have ever done that, but to have another puppy to love.  So in May of 1981,  we went to Connecticut and got Heidi also known as the Chub.  She was so cute.  She was only 5 weeks old.  She was a Puli also known as a Hungarian Sheepdog.  She is the all black one in the picture below.   Then in September of 1985, we found an adorable kitten while camping and decided to bring her back home with us to give her a good life.  So we took her and added her to the rest of our family.  That is Fritz (Hoodie) at the bottom of the page.   Then in 1992, we adopted Becky Sue from the Sheepdog Rescue Club.  She was 3 years old at the time.  You can read her story and see her pictures on the first page of this posting. 
Well, we have come to the end of my story.  All the animals I have mentioned,  are no longer with us.  They all, except for the puppy Spanky, reached a good ripe old age before they passed on.
 What a blessing they all were to me.  They brought so much into my life.  I will never forget any of them.  All of them will always be with me. 





Heidi (Chubby) 
Fritz (Hoodie)