In Memory of Becky Sue - Jan. 2, 89 to Jan. 17, 03
Becky Sue
A Tribute To All My Pets


This is the story of Rebecca Suzanna (Becky Sue).
She was an Old English Sheepdog which my husband and I adopted through the Old English Sheepdog Rescue Club.  Her previous owners could no longer keep her due to marital problems.  She was 3 years old when we got her.  She was very very shy for about 3 weeks.  She never came out from behind the chair.  But suddenly with alot of tender loving care, she finally came out and became our family dog.  She was such a loving and affectionate dog.  She never wanted to leave my side.  She went everywhere with us.   She became my very best friend.  Needless to say,  when I lost her, I lost part of me.  
It was very sudden the day she took ill.  She fell on the floor and started doing some real strange things.  She even started bleeding from the mouth.  I immediately took her to the hospital.  They told me that she would have to stay there for tests.  Three days later, we got the final report of what was happening to her.  Part of her intestines were being sucked into itself.  It was very very painful for her.  They had her on morphine until we could make the decision to either let her have massive exploratory surgery or put her to sleep.  This was very serious for her.  Finally we had decided to put her to sleep.  She was 14 and had bad arthritis in her hips.  The doctors told us the surgery would be extensive for her.  We did not want to put her through all that at her age.  It was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make. 
 She will always be remembered for the clown she  was.  You would have never known that she was 14.  She always acted like a puppy.  We will miss hugging her,  walking her and everything we did with her.  She is truly missed and never will be forgotten.  She has put wonderful memories in our hearts that will live on and on.

This picture below is how she loved to spend her time with us when we were in the living room watching TV. 


This is Becky out on the deck just enjoying the outdoor breeze.


This picture is from Christmas of 2002.  This would be her last Christmas with us. 




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